Bedroom Stories part 3 - by Marie Glad

Part Three

I open the window to my inner room. The wind changes direction. 

BLOW takes me through the eye of the storm, underground passages and illusions. In ARISE (feat. Duvestar) my wings are put on fire. As if I have resurfaced again I wipe the dust off my feet. I have landed on the other side. "In a dreamland not far away". I dance. The whole way through IMAGINE SKIES. We dance. The dance of one heart without shame. The dance where we're all the same. The spiral of life unfolds itself. "On and on, till I naked stand. On and on, till I love myself".

Blow and Imagine skies are written by Marie Glad and produced and recorded by Oisin Lunny. Arise is a Duvestar production written, recorded, played and produced by Oisin Lunny and Marie Glad.

Special thanks to Luke Slott for guitar, backing vocals and glockenspiel on Blow and piano on Imagine skies.

All songs mixed by Jessica Corcoran and mastered by Max Gilkes. Photography by Oisin Lunny.



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