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Bedroom Stories by Marie Glad

For those who expect more tales of lost love, the theme of Marie Glad’s debut album Rescue Me, her release Bedroom Stories counters the expectations with a trilogy of songs about gained love.

Bedroom Stories is a collection of electroacoustic pop stories about what it takes to win love, the naked heart wide open. The sound is open but intimate, deep, bright, and full of hope. Bedroom Stories has been released in three parts over a period of three years 2010-2013. Each part containing three songs, produced in collaboration with other songwriters/artists.

Trilogy 3x3


It is early morning. The sunlight seeps through. The sheets are warm. Skin touches skin. Is this just a short, intense love affair? Or will it lead to something more? Part one is all about love towards him.

LOVERBOY dances before your eyes in Eurodisco-style. But in the stillness STAY pleads the heart’s cause. Does he dare to give? ”Love needs water to grow”. In BUTTERFLY, Marie featuring Duvestar, twin souls lift off the ground and sail out into the universe. ”My atoms are dancing with yours, We’re building castles on clouds”. Love is everything. Listen to Part One


Part two contains three homages to her. DON'T GIVE UP honors the life force of sisterhood. It is encouragement wrapped in expansive sound. ”She can mend a broken dreamer, in her hands you are a star”. THIS WORLD is a requiem to the singer’s sister, a young life who left this planet too soon. It is an angry cry against the illusions of the world. The odyssey of MIRRORS (feat. Duvestar) reflects the elements of earth travelling through sounds, a tribute to motherhood and mother earth. Listen to Part Two


In part three we return to the home within, and love towards oneself. Probably the most diffivult expressions of all. BLOW takes us through the eye of the storm and underground passages to make change happen. In ARISE (feat. Duvestar) we resurface again and wipe the dust off our feet. We landed on the other side, we dance ”In a dreamland not far away”. The whole way through IMAGINE SKIES. We dance. The dance of one heart without shame. The dance where we’re all the same.

The spiral of life unfolds itself. ”On and on, till I naked stand. On and on, till I love myself”. Listen to Part Three

Diverse collaborations

Bedroom Stories was produced both in Stockholm, Sweden and in Brighton, UK. Several songs have been co-produced by Oisin Lunny, the other half of the constellation Duvestar. Martin Ekman co-produced on Part One and Rob Spectrum on Part Two. Part Three mixed by Jessica Corcoran and mastered by Max Gilkes. Among the musician that collaborated on the trilogy are Erik Hamrefors, Daniel Kwon Joon Hult, Magnus Karlsson, Theseus Gerard and Luke Slott.

About Marie Glad

A corde lisse dancer balancing between pop, electro, ambient and jazz. Marie Glad is a Swedish singer and songwriter. 2009 she was recognised for her debut album Rescue Me. Bedroom Stories is her second album. Loverboy was played on 40 radio stations across India during December 2010/January 2011. The video for Rescue Me was broadcast to over 15 million homes in the US via the Strictly Global Show. The music video This World was one of the finalists at the UK Film Festival in London 2011. Marie forms part of the constellation Duvestar and continues to write music together with Oisin Lunny.

”Marie’s indie-pop sound is mellow and warm. Her uniqueness is shown through her music, honest songwriting.” (Hidden mixed tape, US)

”Her voice is as timeless and beautiful as Joni Mitchell’s and her lyrics warm and sensitive” (Groove, SE)

"We are entering a stark, ever so slightly threatening place lit up by fleeting moments of beauty. 'Bedroom Stories Pt.2′ continues Marie's musical journey into the mid-80's of the icy romantic imagery of bands like The Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil." (Tuneraker, UK on Part Two)