Bedroom Stories part 1 by Marie Glad

Part One

It is early morning. The sunlight seeps through. The sheets are warm. Skin touches skin. Is this just a short, intense love affair? Or will it lead to something more?

LOVERBOY dances before your eyes in Eurodisco-style. But in the stillness STAY pleads the heart’s cause. Does he dare to give in? Does he dare to see beauty? ”Love needs water to grow”. In BUTTERFLY, Marie featuring Duvestar, twin souls lift off the ground and sail out into the universe. ”My atoms are dancing with yours, We’re building castles on clouds”.

Erik Hamrefors - Strings & Backing vocals (Loverboy & Stay)
Daniel Kwon Joon Hult - Guitars (Loverboy & Stay), Bass (Stay)
Magnus Karlsson - Keyboards (Loverboy & Stay)
Maria Brandt - Bass (Loverboy)
Martin Ekman - Drums, keyboards and backing vocals (Loverboy & Stay)
Marie Glad - Lead vocals
Oisin Lunny - All instruments on Butterfly

Loverboy and Stay written by Marie Glad. Butterfly written by Duvestar = Marie Glad + Oisin Lunny. Loverboy produced by Martin Ekman. Loverboy and Stay recorded and mixed by Martin Ekman at A-Stream Studio. Butterfly produced and mixed by Oisin Lunny. All songs mastered by Maria Adolfsson at MA Studio. Photography and art direction by Alma Westfahl.

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