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Bedroom Stories is a trilogy of electroacoustic pop stories about love in all it's dimensions and forms, the naked heart wide open. It is released in three parts, each containing three songs, each produced in collaboration with other songwriters/artists. Part one is about love towards him and released in December 2010. Part two about love towards her and released in September 2011. Part three is about love towards oneself and released in January 2013.
  Part one - him
It is early morning. The sunlight seeps through. The sheets are warm. Skin touches skin. Is this just a short, intense love affair? Or will it lead to something more? LOVERBOY dances before your eyes in Eurodisco-style. But in the stillness STAY pleads the heart’s cause. Does he dare to give in? Does he dare to see beauty? ”Love needs water to grow”. In BUTTERFLY, Marie featuring Duvestar, twin souls lift off the ground and sail out into the universe. ”My atoms are dancing with yours, We’re building castles on clouds”.

Produced by Martin Ekman, Oisin Lunny and Marie Glad in Sweden and in the UK.

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Part two - her
Her hand is holding mine, tight. I couldn't have walked any line without her. My sister, my friend. DON'T GIVE UP honors the life force of sisterhood. It is encouragement wrapped in expansive sound. "She can mend a broken dreamer, in her hands you are a star". THIS WORLD is a requiem for a young life who left this planet too soon, an angry cry against the illusions of a world that drove her to leave. The odyssey of MIRRORS (feat. Duvestar) reflects the elements of earth travelling through sounds, a tribute to motherhood and mother earth. Three homages to her.

Produced in the UK by Rob Spectrum,
Oisin Lunny and Marie Glad.

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Part three - oneself
I open the window to my inner room. The wind changes direction. BLOW takes me through the eye of the storm, underground passages and illusions. In ARISE (feat. Duvestar) my wings are put on fire. As if I have resurfaced again I wipe the dust off my feet. I have landed on the other side. "In a dreamland not far away". I dance. The whole way through IMAGINE SKIES. We dance. The dance of one heart without shame. The dance where we're all the same. The spiral of life unfolds itself. "On and on, till I naked stand. On and on, till I love myself".

Produced in the UK together with Luke Slott and Oisin Lunny. Mixed by Jessica Corcoran - mixingAudioPros.

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A resonant and intriguing voice, a corde lisse dancer balancing between pop, electro, indie, jazz. A Swedish singer, songwriter but also experienced visual artist, designer, filmmaker and yoga instructor. 2009 she was recognised for her debut album Rescue Me. Bedroom Stories is her second album. Loverboy, part of Bedroom Stories part one was played on 40 radio stations across India during December 2010 and January 2011. The video "Rescue Me" was featured on Strictly Global Show to 15 million homes in the US on December 24, 2010.


Duvestar is the constellation of Marie Glad + Oisin Lunny, in Butterfly it marries acoustic and orchestral instrumentation with electronics. Mirrors brings together improvised vocals and intuitive performances with deeply experimental soundscapes and ambient "found sounds" to create a soundscape odyssey. Oisin is an Irish producer, DJ and composer for film who has previously worked with U2, Sinead O’Connor and Gangstarr. The Duvestar sound is open but intimate, modern but timeless, deep, bright, human, and full of hope.

Press releases
Bedroom Stories part one (pdf)
Bedroom Stories part two (pdf)
Bedroom Stories part three (pdf)

Album covers
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Reviews on Bedroom Stories part one
"Marie's indie-pop sound is mellow and warm. Her uniqueness is shown through her music, honest songwriting."

(Hidden mixed tape, US)
"Swedish singer Marie Glad captures the essence of 'Broken English', Marianne Faithful's ground breaking 1979 album: Icy cold synths and angular New Wave topped off with well-worn vocals. Marie sounds like she's singing her heart out in the basement of long gone Matrix Studios in West London. The time warp is perfect right down to the crisp, larger than life drum sound."(Tuneraker, UK)

Reviews on Bedroom Stories part two
"We are entering a stark, ever so slightly threatening place lit up by fleeting moments of beauty. 'Bedroom Stories Pt.2′ continues Marie's musical journey into the mid-80's of the icy romantic imagery of bands like The Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil." (Tuneraker, UK)

Production team
PART 1: Loverboy and Stay written by Marie Glad. Butterfly written by Duvestar = Marie Glad + Oisin Lunny. Loverboy produced by Martin Ekman. Loverboy and Stay recorded and mixed by Martin Ekman at A-Stream Studio. Butterfly produced and mixed by Oisin Lunny. All songs mastered by Maria Adolfsson at MA Studio. The musicians are Erik Hamrefors (strings on Loverboy and Stay + backing vocals on Stay), Daniel Kwon Joon Hult (guitars on Loverboy and Stay + bass on Stay), Magnus Karlsson (keyboards on Loverboy and Stay), Maria Brandt (bass on Loverboy), Martin Ekman (drums and beats on Loverboy and Stay, keyboards and backing vocals on Loverboy), Marie Glad (vocals on Loverboy, Stay and Butterfly), Oisin Lunny (all instruments on Butterfly and Butterfly remix). Special thanks to Iva Troj, Marcus Bouquelon, Kamen Zlatev, Kim Högstedt, Peter Åstedt. Photography and art direction by Alma Westfahl. © 2010 Royal Sister. All rights reserved. Made in the EU. RoyalCD004. BIEM/n©b 7340065001462.
PART 2: Don't give up and This world written by Marie Glad and produced, recorded and mixed by Rob Spectrum. All instruments on Don't give up and This world by Rob Spectrum. Additional percussion and backing vocals by Theseus Gerard. Mirrors is a Duvestar production written, recorded and produced by Oisin Lunny and Marie Glad. All songs mastered by Max Gilkes. Special thanks to Lovisa Björck, Filippa Björck, Kajsa-Stina Åkesson. Photography by Marie Glad and Lovisa Björck. Art direction by Alma Westfahl.© Copyright 2011 Royal Sister. All rights reserved. Made in the EU. RoyalCD005.
PART 3: Blow and Imagine skies are written by Marie Glad and produced and recorded by Oisin Lunny. Arise is a Duvestar production written, recorded, played and produced by Oisin Lunny and Marie Glad. Special thanks to Luke Slott for guitar, backing vocals and glockenspiel on Blow and piano on Imagine skies. All songs mixed by Jessica Corcoran and mastered by Max Gilkes. Photography by Oisin Lunny. Design by Marie Glad based on art direction by Alma Westfahl.© Copyright 2013 Royal Sister. All rights reserved. Made in the EU. RoyalCD007.

© 2013
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