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14 January 2013
Bedroom Stories Part Three
Out now!
The last part of the trilogy Bedroom Stories is being released in January 2013. It is about love towards oneself and has been recorded during the Autumn of 2012 in the UK together with the musician Luke Slott and the producer Oisin Lunny.

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08 January 2013
Mixing Part Three
I'm very pleased with the Bedroom Stories Part Three mixing by Jessica Corcoran at mixingAudioPros. Jessica has worked with artists such as Boy George (Culture Club), Robyn Hitchcock etc.
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11 December 2012
Signing publishing deal with Seeca
Publishing company Seeca Music Ltd announces today the signing of an exclusive publishing deal with Swedish singer songwriter & composer Marie Glad.
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20 April 2012
This World at Quickflick
This World will be screened at the Quickflick Metamorphosis Screening party in London on the 25th of April. There will also be a live set with Marie Glad. Watch the video
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14 December 2011
This World at the UK Film Festival
The music video This World was one of the finalists at the UK Film Festival in London on the 14th of December. A true celebration to the cultural diversty of films made in the UK and from all over the World.
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29 September 2011
Bedroom Stories part two
Happy feelings! The second part of the trilogy Bedroom Stories is released. It's about love towards her and has been produced in the UK by the renowned Irish producers Rob Spectrum and Oisin Lunny.
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03 March 2011
For loved-up hearts everywhere
Butterfly (Oisins Remix) Butterfly has received new beautiful Dance/House clothing. Oisins Remix of Butterfly is a loved-up dance version with euphoric sentiment, warmth and space. It merges early wave ambient house music from pioneers like FSOL and 808 State with a Keralan sunset and an Ibizan beach. For loved-up hearts everywhere.
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31 January 2011
On Tuneraker
"Swedish singer Marie Glad captures the essence of ‘Broken English’, Marianne Faithful’s ground breaking 1979 album: Icy cold synths and angular New Wave topped off with well-worn vocals." Read more on + Download Loverboy

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13 January 2011
SoGoPro Music Podcast
Southern Gothic Productions started 2011 with Marie Glad as the 1st featured artist on their entertainment podcast! One Tree Hill TV show star & producers created this very popular site to support creativity of talented artists. Over 200,000 listeners world wide. Listen to the Podcast
20 December 2010
Rescue Me featured on Strictly Global to 15 million homes
Marie Glad's video "Rescue Me" will be featured on MHZ networks - Strictly Global show to 15 million homes in the US on December 24, 2010.
Rescue Me on Youtube

07 December 2010
Loverboy on radio in India
* BIG 92.7 FM - Mumbai * BIG 92.7 FM - Goa * RED 93.5 FM- Mumbai (including all affiliates across India) * RADIO MEOW 104.8 FM- Mumbai * Radio One 104.3 FM - Mumbai * MUST 107.8 FM - Mumbai * Radio Mirchi 93.8 FM - Goa (including all affiliates across India) * AIR 105.4 FM - Goa (Including all its affiliates across India - largest network in the country) * Radio Indigo 91.9 FM - Goa and Bangalore.
06 December 2010
Bedroom Stories part one - out in stores December 2010
For those who expect more tales of lost love, the catchword of Marie Glad's debut album Rescue Me, her new release Bedroom Stories (part one) counters the expectations with a trilogy of songs about gained love.
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10 October 2010
Duvestar - a new feeling
Duvestar is the new constellation of Marie Glad + Oisin Lunny, in Butterfly (on Bedroom Stories part one) it marries acoustic and orchestral instrumentation with electronics. Oisin is an Irish producer, DJ and composer for film who has previously worked with U2, Sinead O’Connor and Gangstarr.
This World - Bedroom Stories Part Two
Marie Glad
Butterfly (Oisins Remix) + Old school UK rave footage
Marie Glad feat. Duvestar

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20-29 December 2012 / 7.30pm
Participating as a vocalist in the
Lost and Found Orchestra I Brighton Dome (UK)
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  Bedroom Stories part three
Through the needle's eye and fire storms to the heart without shame. Dance the dance, we're all the same. Discovering the depths of the soul, the spiral of life unfolding itself.

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  Bedroom Stories part two
Her hand is holding mine, tight. I couldn't have walked any line without her. My sister, my friend...
My mother, my earth...

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  Bedroom Stories part one
It is early morning. The sunlight seeps through. The sheets are warm. Skin touches skin. Is this just a short, intense love affair? Or will it lead to something more?

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  Rescue Me
With a deep, resonant voice and vivid melodies she takes us on an unforgettable journey through life and love on her remarkable debut album, Rescue Me.

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